A Breakthrough Minus the Details


I’ve recently been tweaking and utilizing a lead delivery service to find interested life insurance prospects.  In the past I had clearly shown disdain for them, but now I realize that it’s only the vast majority of life insurance lead services that are terrible.  The lead service I’m using now is similar to Google’s pay-per-click program in that I can bid on interested prospects and then load the CSV file in my customer management software.  Thanks to this service I’m getting decent quality leads for about $1.25-$1.50.  This is a massive edge over most retail services providing the same for about $9-$20.

It wasn’t until a few days ago that I really got the formula right for aggregating, downloading, uploading, contacting and managing these leads, but the formula is clearly profitable by a factor of 5 conservatively and 10 on a great sample.

This post is a relatively vague explanation of my excitement to have found an amazing marketing arm for making a significant, albeit not 7 figure, income.  There are a lot of tight-lipped and modest wealthy people in America who know better than to brag about what they know and create their future competition.

My new game plan for promoting my brand looks a bit like this:

Lead service generated prospects…use some of the profits to purchase far more leads…continue purchasing but also run banner ads throughout US Internet traffic to make brand more well known…branch into television advertising with highly visual and dramatic commercials…purchase Internet forum websites about money and brand with YourLifeSolution.com flagrantly…possibly offer some other ancillary banking or financial services as a means to create brand loyalty and thus more customers for core competency (life insurance)

Above is just a bit of my brainstorming displayed organically.  If the end goal is perpetual, and by this I mean you intend to never truly retire, it’s easy to have a very patient and calculated mentality towards building a brand or empire. The 40-something corporate American who is at their job counting down the years to retirement really doesn’t often have the potential to double their income or dictate much about how they operate professionally.  The pain period involved in staking your own claim in this World really only seems justified after the pain has gone and the reward begins to accumulate.

I’ve also recently sourced a way to get rid of pesky and highly unprofitable case management tasks.  I don’t intend to outsource these any time soon, but when I have my own office of agents, it will likely be for the best that I focus on the front end (generating business).


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