Choosing to be Rich is a Matter of Consistency just as Choosing to Improve in any other Part of Life is


I have ran numerous proof of concepts to find a viable and holistically acceptable method to promote my online life insurance service.  Some of them work, but not to the degree or consistency that makes me satisfied, and others are extremely consistent but involve far too much leverage or they require me to give up a portion of my ownership in my service.

Currently, I feel I have recently found the appropriate and scalable system that can be amped up at will (with the proper cash flow) to make me exceptionally wealthy.  I have done this by outsourcing one of my core deficiencies…case management.  I’m terrible at case management (essentially paperwork).  Outsourcing case management to a third party, which I did recently, is one of the most critical and revolutionary decisions I have ever made in my quest to achieve a seven figure income.  The other core deficiency I have, and it’s a common one, I don’t own a massive network of lead generation websites throughout the Internet.  This I too have outsourced for a surprisingly low cost.  The last few months would have been far more lucrative had I not had to deal with any case management and had I diverted more resources into business development and less into dreaded case management.

The Measure of One’s Success and the Source of Happiness.

I recently watched a documentary on Hulu about happiness.  In it they cited a study where people who were told to count their “blessings” or in other words, once a week name a few things they were happy for, were noticeably happier than those in the control group who did not.  The hedonic treadmill (our need to always have better than we do) makes us unsatisfied even when we objectively shouldn’t be.  This is both good and bad.  Yes, you should drive yourself to improve, because after all if you’re not growing you’re dying, but you also need to enjoy the process of development. 

An excellent way to measure your career, cosmetic or emotional development is to consider what is your “backup plan”.  When I was an ignorant, obese and somewhat aimless steel worker, my backup plan likely involved a temp agency.  I’m now at a point in my life where my backup plan is likely more lucrative and more comfortable than what I’m doing.  Being able to forego and easier success for a more difficult and rewarding one isn’t a terrible place to be in life.  Another way to measure this type of development is to think back to how you viewed the World, your life, and your plans just a few years prior to now.  If you see yourself as somewhat of a dolt, than you are probably improving with compound interest.



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