Trying to Wear too Many Hats Vs Focusing on What You Know


I’ve succeeded at SEO, I know my way around numerous IT and technical aspects of computers, and I’ve worked on both the wholesale and retail end of the life insurance industry.  I created an effective method to generate a flood of highly qualified life insurance leads and thereafter lost it due to various changes with the Google algorithm.  What have I learned?  Being a versatile entrepreneur isn’t nearly as lucrative, predictable, or rewarding as simply being an expert in one field and eliminating the need to invest resources in other efforts.  It is hard for someone of my narcissistic tendencies to admit, but someone else likely already does the ancillary parts of my business better than me, and utilizing their resources (even if it’s at a premium) is more logical than trying to become the best at everything.  Recently, I have decided to become as knowledgeable as possible in the life insurance and estate planning field by enrolling in the American College of Financial Services’ highly respected “Chartered Life Underwriter” courses.  By having my CLU and focusing on providing the greatest expertise to my clients I will gain more financially than simply focusing on generating greater traffic to my website.   

I ran a pilot test of a lead campaign in late 2012 which proved successful with numerous glitches and shortcomings.  I have since ironed out many of the problems and created a workable system that delivers me 30-40 prospects per week with nothing more than a $150-$200 investment on my part.  Could I write endless and thoughtful articles and do various other forms of inbound marketing to replace this meager marketing cost?  Absolutely, but the opportunity cost to do so is unacceptable, and I would prefer to simply operate where the money lives.  Utilizing these purchased prospects will conservatively yield me an end profit of anywhere between $1200 per week on the conservative end to as much as $3000 per week.  Why bother trying to recreate the wheel?  I can build a viable agency on a relatively shoestring budget and elementary concept and focus on more eloquent forms of promotion when I reach a seven figure income.


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