5 Investments That Are Worth Accumulating a Little Debt For

10 February 2014 | Uncategorized

Going into debt isn’t something that most people like to do. However, there may be times when going into debt is a good idea. If you are thinking about making money in the long-term, which investments are worth making even if the require some short-term debt?


Buying a Home

Most people have to take out a mortgage to be able to buy a home. The good news is that a home tends to appreciate in value at about 5 percent per year. Your home is also an asset that you can use to secure other loans in the future.


Going to College

A college education can cost tens of thousands of dollars. If you have a good plan for your first few years after school, you can pay off your student loans and start making a higher salary almost immediately upon graduating. The time and money invested in your education is almost always worth it. The debt you may have accumulated during the process is well worth the investment in yourself.


Starting Your Own Business

New businesses require a financial commitment from the person or people starting them. This is because banks won’t loan to new businesses. It can also be difficult to convince others to invest in a new company before it has a track record of sales and recurring customers. Fortunately, a successful business could be worth millions or even billions of dollars once it reaches maturity. That is not a bad return on an initial investment of as little as a few hundred dollars.

 Become Part Owner of a Sports Team

Professional sports are insanely popular around the world. Whether you buy an ownership stake in a local sports franchise or in Manchester United, you are bound to see a quick return on your money. As long as the team is a winning one, fans could spend as much as $100 per ticket to a home game.


Investing in Gold

Gold will hold its value during good economic times and trend upward during bad economic times. Therefore, you should consider going into a small debt to buy gold because it won’t become an albatross if you need to liquidate it at any point in the future.


As experts such as McLay a trustee in bankruptcy will tell you investments are not worth going broke over, but there are many investments that you can make that are worth the risk. If you don’t have a lot of money to invest right now, these five investments are the investments to make. You are almost guaranteed to make enough money to pay off the initial debt and turn a profit.


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