Alternatives to GoDaddy, The Boycott of GoDaddy

17 April 2011 | Uncategorized

Are you one of the many people for numerous reasons who wants to join the boycott of GoDaddy?  I have a few reasons why I’ve chosen not to do further business with GoDaddy. was originally registered with  I moved the domain after hearing terrible things from numerous sources including that Godaddy was simply not a safe place to have any content that could possibly critical of anyone.  GoDaddy has a history of taking away customer’s domains in a very crass and unreasonable fashion.  I’m not here to reiterate long anecdotes about how many have been made disgusted by GoDaddy’s draconian ways, but I would like to name some simple alternatives to GoDaddy.

Alternatives to GoDaddy

  • (who currently hosts

These services typically cost less and have the simple advantage of not benefiting Bob Parsons. It is my opinion that Bob Parsons is a narcissist and all-around bad person. I would recommend boycotting GoDaddy moreso do to other’s complaints about them than my own. How does this relate to being frugal? GoDaddy, while seamingly cheap, is actually over-priced. Take your business elsewhere.


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  • 1 Yourafool Says:

    What a dork. I have been a customer for 20 years of internet service and have a lot of services through Go Daddy. The only time something occurs with an account with Go Daddy is if you are incompetent fool that does not pay attention to your own account. As far as Bob goes, yeah well most powerful people are narcissistic, however, the good that occurs because of his success far out ways idiots like yourself that try and speak bad about a company because you yourself can not manage your own account. Put the blame where it belongs and stop trying to make yourself better for your own faults.


  • 2 Eric Smith Says:

    Yes, I don’t know how to manage a domain registration account, yet I have a VPS and dozens of domains. GoDaddy has taken people’s domains away on single complaints that were often unverified.

    The good of Bob Parsons? If he didn’t provide registration services people would go elsewhere. You’re thinking of the argument used for pharmaceutical research and such where a revolutionary change is created.

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