Big Flats Beer, Walgreens Store Brand Beer, The Ten Worst Beers List May Need an Update

13 March 2011 | Uncategorized

Steven Colbert drinking the swill

At $2.99 for a six-pack, Walgreens store brand beer makes Pabst Blue Ribbon look like a delicacy.  Big Flats Beer has gotten a lot of attention and it doesn’t seem to be highly promoted by Walgreens.  I go to Walgreens daily and I never see an ad or real display for it.  I’m betting this beer was created largely as a publicity stunt since the profitability of selling a beer to compete with better brands you already sell at far higher prices doesn’t seem to be a decision based on economics.  I’m not much of a beer drinker (rum is my poison) myself and still have not brought myself to buy any as I’ve heard it’s one of the worst beers imaginable.  Steven Colbert reviewed Big Flats as having a questionable smell and most online beer reviews reflect his view.  

The slogan of Big Flats beer is what makes me believe it is merely a publicity stunt.  “It’s the water that makes it” is the slogan.  That slogan practically ridicules the product, and unlike the artwork, ingredients and other aspects of a product, the low price really should not affect the quality of the slogan.  In less than two minutes I will now on the fly come up with a new slogan for Big Flats Beer.  It is 5:38pm in a moment here, I will begin thinking then.

“The simple flavor.” 

BAM!  “The simple flavor” It took me one minute to come up with a cheesy and vague slogan that is better than the one Walgreens chose.  I truly do believe this beer isn’t meant to be profitable on it’s own.  I think Walgreens is using it as a way to align their image with low prices.  They don’t want to be seen as anything remotely like a convenient store which is obviously the reason they have chosen to create and carry a product that is so humorously low-class.  Here are a collection of beer slogans that could also be used.  These have been taken from a thread involving myself and a facebook ally.  No one else seemed to join in on the brainstorming of better beer slogans. 

Big Flats

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