How to Buy a New Car for Less Than Invoice

08 November 2011 | Uncategorized

How to Buy a New Car for Less Than Invoice?


Haggling… I always say the best way to haggle is not to haggle at all. Haggling is a form of an argument and the stronger willed person should not have to argue. How to buy a car for less than invoice? Well in the information age its quite simple. Here is a simple minimalist-style way to get the car for less than invoice, without haggling or wasting time trying to get dealers to compete with each other. Obviously this system is meant for new cars only, but I suppose a modified method would work with certified pre-owned cars as well.


First, go to, click on the “new cars” tab at the top of the page. Then select the make, model and trim level you’re interested in. Once this is completed you will be shown a picture of the car you want along with three prices. The MSRP, fair price and invoice price which already has delivery included will all be listed on this page.


Next you need to scrape a list of fax numbers or email addresses of local dealers that sell this car. For this example we will use a 2011 Honda Civic 4-door EX Sedan. I just googled “honda dealers chicago AND fax” and came up with a listing of Honda dealers in Chicagoland. For you to do this in your area simply type the same thing into Google, but obviously replace with the make and city of your choice. The list I scraped had roughly 10 fax numbers on it. This took me one minute to acquire this information! Make note of the numbers and compose a simple fax message.


The letter should read something like this:


I am looking to purchase a (make, model, trim level) immediately. I have already done my due diligence on this and would be willing to purchase this car for (invoice price – 1%). If you would like to sell me the car, please send me an email immediately at (whatever email address) confirming you agree to this price.

Get it? Don’t haggle, don’t argue, don’t be the whiny tire kicker who spends two days trying to get car dealers to “compete” for your business. It’s all a pointless game that in the information age can be eliminated. Once you get a confirmation via email, make sure there aren’t any strings attached to them agreeing to the price.


Some would argue that this method wouldn’t work. Thing again. With factory incentives and other built in profits the manufacturer gives dealers they’ll still make a little bit of money. There is no shortage of cars to sell, and getting a few hundred dollars profit off of you is probably worth the minimal effort involved.


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