Keep Warm Without Going Broke

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After record-breaking temperatures this summer, it may seem unusual for the temperatures to be dipping below freezing, but they are starting to do so in many parts of the country. In fact, some areas have seen their first snows, thanks to Sandy, and more is promised in the coming months. Turning up the heat is inevitable, but it is expensive.


Even while temperatures are dropping, you find your thoughts turning towards ways to save money. After all, these are the months when saving money is one of your most important considerations with Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years all coming at you full speed. How can you keep warm without seeing your utility bills go through the roof? These ideas are energy-efficient ways to keep warm.


Invest in Heaters


Instead of turning up the temperature on your home’s HVAC system, consider investing in a few space heaters so that you can keep the room you are in comfortable, while lowering the temperature in the rest of your home. A space heater uses far less energy than heating your entire home, and you can be quite cozy by keeping it with you wherever you go in your home. When your lower heat bill comes, you will be pleasantly surprised!


Add a Blanket


Before the days of HVAC systems, people had two options to get warm: get closer to the fire or add a blanket. You can easily add a blanket when you are lounging around the house. Instead of turning up the temps when you are enjoying a movie, for example, turn them down and grab a blanket. If you are particularly cold, invest in an electric one to give you your own heat source.


The same is true at night. When everyone in your home is asleep, turn the thermostat down and throw an extra blanket over everyone. Blankets are cheap and reusable, and you probably have several on hand that you can already use, and there is no reason to heat your entire home when everyone is sleeping.


Turn on the Oven


The holidays are the season for baking, and doing so can actually allow you to lower the thermostat. Every time you open the oven to check on your yummy treats, you are adding some heat to your space. Turn on the oven, turn down the temperature in your home, and enjoy some cozy time in the kitchen. Not only does this help you lower your energy bills, but your home will smell great as you warm up your kitchen with warmer temps and fresh baked goodness.


Go for a Layered Look


Sometimes, you can’t use a space heater or blanket because you are on the go. In these instances, you can warm up by changing your outfit. Legwarmers are hot this year, and you can throw them on under a dress to keep warm. If you are wearing pants, add a pair of thermals underneath. Don a sweater over your top to give yourself another layer. If you dress warmly enough, you will find that you are quite comfortable with a lower temperature in the home.


Winter is here, and you might as well embrace it, because it will stick around for a while. So grab your favorite cozy sweater and throw blanket, cuddle up with some fresh baked cookies and enjoy a movie night around your space heater. You might find yourself surprised at just how low you can turn the thermostat with these money-saving heating options.


Holly is an Indianapolis native who loves finding new ways to save money. In her spare time, she enjoys blogging on behalf of Sears and other brands she uses.


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