How to make your Money go further: What is an Income Drawdown Calculator?


While the so-called pension’s crisis in the UK has caused significant consternation since the Great Recession, there are signs that it is finally beginning to abate. More specifically, the sustainability of Britain’s evolving pensions system has improved considerably during the last eighteen months, thanks primarily to the government’s widely applauded auto-enrolment scheme. This has driven Britain into the top ten of the international pension’s index, and offered hope to those who are fast-approaching the national retirement age.

Saving for your Retirement

What is Income Drawdown and why is it Relevant to Savers?


Despite this considerable improvement, however, it is still important to take responsibility for your finances and adopt a proactive approach to saving where possible. The two key aspects of this are knowledge and control, as while the former attribute enables you to make informed decisions, the latter lets you assume control of your fiscal future and destiny. These strengths can then be used to take the first practical step towards securing your future, which in this instance is to understand the different types of pension plan available before determining which option best suits your unique needs.


Interestingly, one of the best methods of your pension income is also one of the least familiar. This is the concept of Income Drawdown, which essentially enables you to draw your pension income at predetermined intervals rather than simply purchasing an annuity. It is ultimately a far more flexible option for account holders, especially when it comes to establishing defined withdrawal limits and shaping your financial future once in retirement. If you remain unsure, however, you should consult with an industry expert before making a fixed commitment.


Using an Income Drawdown Calculator


As a general rule, service providers such as Pensions and wealth management services offer the most effective guidance to customers. This is because they provide you with access to an Income Drawdown Calculator tool, which enables you to enter precise information and view your full range of options as an individual applicant.


Most importantly, this financial tool accurately estimates your pension fund and recommends withdrawal amounts and limits. So not only can you estimate how much you are likely to have accumulated once you have finished work, but there is also an opportunity to schedule your withdrawals and establish a clearly defined plan for your retirement.


Seven Ways to Slash Air-Conditioning Costs


7 Ways to Slash Air Conditioning CostsWhile it is nice to have an air conditioner in your house, it is wise to use it in a smart manner.

Not only that, you should try to minimize hot air from getting in your house in the first place.

With that being said, here are seven ways to slash air condition costs.

Hire a professional:

When looking to get your equipment in great shape, you should find a hvac company like Knight Plumbing, a quality hvac company in Calgary.

When retaining the services of a professional company, you can make sure it runs well and does not overuse energy.Simply put, when you want to have a great running air conditioner, you should call a professional.


With fans, you can avoid overusing your unit in the first place. Think about it, when the temperature hovers around 80 degrees, you can use a couple of well-placed fans to save money.

Make it dark:

In the day, if light permeates the place, you will have a hard time keeping it cool. To avoid this issue, you should cover the windows and not allow a bunch of sunlight to enter the rooms. Of course, once the evening sky sets in, you can remove the covers and let the cool air enter the house.

Use appliances wisely:

In the summer and hotter months, you should try to avoid overusing the stove and other appliances that will artificially heat the house. For this reason, in the summer, you should try to make simple meals not requiring an oven.

Open doors early in the morning:

If possible, a homeowner should open the doors at six in the morning. When doing so, he or she can let in cool and fresh air. This air will stay around all day and keep the house naturally cooler.

Dress wisely:

It is not wise to sit around in heavy clothes. In the summer, you should dress comfortably and opt for shorts and a t-shirt. Then, when lounging around the house, you will not feel obligated to blast the air conditioner.

Outdoor shade:

Over the long haul, you should think outside the box. One way to do so is to plant large shrubs or trees in front of windows. When doing so, you can prevent hot air from coming into the house. Remember, with this natural approach, you will cut your electricity bills.
It is not easy to use an air conditioner less. But, with these seven simple tips, you can cut your air conditioning costs in half, if not more.


Hiring a Financial Planner to Manage Your Insurance Policies


When it comes to managing finances and insurance policies, some people find that they simply do not have the time available to properly take care of this. This is why it might be a good idea to hire your own financial planner, especially when it comes to taking out insurance policies and managing investments.


Hiring a financial planner will mean that you would have more time to focus on your business, knowing that your portfolio is in good hands. Companies can also benefit from hiring a financial planner, as they often have multiple insurance policies, investments and liabilities to keep in mind. Financial planners can also work in teams to handle very large portfolios of international clients.


How a Financial Planner can Help You


A professional financial planner can help you to make sound financial decisions, especially when it comes to buying property, making investments and taking out insurance policies. These policies need to be accurate and in line with your requirements. Insurance policies are extremely essential to have, especially when it comes to business clients. With so many different options to choose from, it’s often best to hire a financial planner to ensure that you are properly insured.


Insurance policies can be obtained for yourself or for your business, which is why they can sometimes be complicated to manage. Your needs may change over time, or you may want to increase or decrease your cover. In order to choose the best insurance policy that will cover you for your specific lifestyle and business requirements, it is best to work with a certified financial planner.


Financial planners can also provide you with a complete picture of your current finances, as well as your assets and liabilities. You she can help you to make financial decisions that will benefit you in your business, helping you to grow your investments over time. This is one of the best benefits of working with your own financial planner.


Confirming Personal Credentials


A financial professional can either be registered as a CFP (Certified Financial Planner), a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) or a CFA (Certified Financial Advisor). Financial advisors behind the portfolio more than $100 million at time will need to be registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. It is essential that you verify the professional’s license, so that you can be rest assured that you will receive top-notch professional advice from someone who has experience in this field.


This is not only integral within the financial planner industries, but more important when dealing with workman’s compensation and employer liability companies.  Since these are essentially financiers who help you secure corporate and entrepreneurial insurance to protect yourself and your employees, figuring out their credentials should be your first step.  Companies like help you shop for this coverage, thereby mandating the need to check their credentials.


Verifying a license has become quite easy to do; you can do a simple online license lookup will you will have access to millions of records at a time. These tools are maintained by the proper authorities, ensuring that you always have access to accurate, updated information on licensed professionals.



Medical Negligence: How to make a No Win No Fee Claim


7In comparison to the number of patients our medical professionals treat, there are only a small number of cases where things go wrong, but if they do the consequences can be dire. (more…)


Need vs. Want: Knowing Your Necessities When Setting A Budget


Countless credit customers know how easy it is to simply put purchases and expenses on a credit card. It is painless. It is easy. It is insidious. Before you know it, you owe more per month than you make and you have become a servant to your debt not to mention developing the bad habit of glossing over how these expenditures pile up. This is where a budget will help you get back on track.


The most important part of devising a budget is determining what constitutes need versus want and sticking to the necessities. Before too long, you will have achieved some breathing room and have a chance to decide whether to introduce a few wants, set aside a rainy day fund or start a savings account.

Need vs. Want- Knowing Your Necessities When Setting A Budget

Keeping Your Credit History Accurate

At the same time you are working hard to limit spending non-disposable income, it is a good idea to get a handle on your credit profile. While credit card companies are responsible for reporting the items that appear on your credit history, this does not necessarily mean everything they are reporting is correct. Monitoring your credit and debit card activity is more important than most people realize as credit history has far reaching impact on life.


Setting good money management habits at a young age can be a life saver later in life. Your credit score is one of those numbers that will stick with you the rest of the your life and should be constantly monitored and kept in check.


Avoid the Negative Impact

A negative credit report means higher interest, and when that goes against higher ticket items such as appliances, a car or house, consumers end up going through thousands of dollars they might not have to otherwise. Further, employers looking to hire candidates who are paying more attention to credit history as part of their decision process. Insurance companies can decline coverage based on poor credit history. The experts from recommend setting a basic budget that covers all your monthly needs and helps store money away for a rainy day. That will help naturally keep your credit in check and then make periodic check ins to make sure your credit score isn’t suffering for any reason.


Making The Budget

Actually making the budget can be tacked in many different ways. One very simple approach is looking at your spending patterns from the last few months and seeing the expenses you already do have and accessing wither they can be lowers or already at the bear minimum. Then by laying out what expenses you do have, you can see what can be cut out and set that money towards savings. Then the goal of following and keeping to that budget is next.


Enjoy the Benefits of Credit Repair

Aside from the sense of control a budget gives you over spending, repairing your credit provides a sense of confidence when you are in control of how the world perceives you. This sense of assurance carries through other areas of your life when you find a weight has been lifted off your shoulders and you are in charge of your financial fate.


When you couple the support of keeping your credit clean while sticking to a budget, the rewards are personal and empowering. It does not take as long as most people think. The sooner you get started, the sooner you can realize the liberating sense of freedom.


Computer Repair Services Thriving on Campuses Nationwide


No longer dealing with old Commodore 64’s or Apple IIE brands of computers, repairing today’s class of computers – mainly HP or Apple Macs – takes time, experience and specific knowledge of how even the smallest parts operate each internally attached component.


When properly selected, a professional PC repair company can offer their computer repair services to every campus around the United States yet can also provide student discounts when computer repair is imminent.  Here we’ll examine some intricacies of using outsourced computer repair companies for your next laptop repair, desktop repair or general data backup and recovery needs.


Completely Repair Computers


Outsourced computer repair companies utilize today’s current technology to repair broken computers, PC’s with virus-ridden hard drives while focusing on overall computer health for collegiate usage. Student computer repair requests often revolve around extra memory additions, too, so we’ve put together a checklist of common needs busy students usually request from their remote, or local, PC technician:


  • Restore DOS
  • Resetting system BIOS
  • Reinstall Windows version or upgrading
  • Replacing cooling fans
  • Motherboard installation and repair
  • Remotely remove viruses


Although many other services have been requested by students, subcontracted computer repair companies frequently receives these and attend to them quickly, efficiently, and without charging collegiate kids more than work is actually worth.  One exemplary online tech support company that’s reinventing the proverbial wheel in terms of PC support is iTok, intelligent in their approach to tech support and affordable for college students.


Recovering Data


Data, specifically that related to school assignments which need completed, sometimes get erased for whatever reason, albeit accidentally.  Outsourced computer repair companies employ top-notch technology to recover lost data for busy students, making their homework or project dreams come back true again.  While other companies simply tell you data cannot be recuperated, these experts know where lost kernels of information end up residing, quickly locating and fixing them once and for all.


Referring students to excellent cloud services after data has been restored is commonplace for companies like iTok, going above and beyond reasonable expectations to make sure students’ prized papers, research and other personal information is safeguarded at all times.


Memory Modifications


Student computer repair sometimes comes with personal needs, especially for online gaming, and modifications to current memory will be needed to fully enjoy the online gaming experience.  Professional computer repair companies can repair, add and make sure your computer has ample memory for RPG’s commonly played online by students during their free time while allowing enough free virtual memory for listening to streaming music, watching videos or wherever live takes college kids online.


Making sure your memory is running at optimal speeds exemplifies what student computer repair service should be offered to college kids, although many times it’s not.


Upgrading Operating Systems


Windows 8 was recently introduced to mainstream computing, yet many college students on tight budgets cannot purchase new operating systems.  Thankfully, these pros can assist you with affordably upgrading your OS to the new tiled platform which has swept the nation, has become new mobile platform of choice yet still operates more efficiently than previous versions of Windows.


In certain situations, some PC repair companies allow students to bring their student identification card with them, or signify this to the remote repairperson, to get a small discount.  From there, experts will take your laptop or desktop PC and turn it into wonderfully effective, scholastically efficient and more excitable machinery for your use.


Student Computer Repair Services Are Guaranteed


Finally, professional PC support companies should always stand behind every computing machine repaired under their skilled tutelage. Students who’ve been given specific budgets throughout their four year stay in America’s finest colleges can expect to receive high-quality computer repair service students like yourself deserve.  The more efficiently your computer operates throughout the day, the better your dissertations, essays, thesis and other papers will transform your education.


Never fear losing data, either, as companies take pride in complete restoration services for data which was lost on accident since students are, after all, human and prone to accidental key strokes.


The Equal Right To Access Health Insurance


Speaking factually, everyone in the world has the right to access health insurance for their health maintenance needs, yet nearly ½ of the world goes uninsured every day due to lack of affordability. What is even worse is the fact that many common illnesses that individuals are dying from go unattended and can be prevented with the ability to access health insurance frequently.


Concentrating on a specific area of the United States as our example, we’ll show you how many people in Illinois are going without health insurance and losing their lives simply because the hospital cannot afford to carry them for very long and what you can do about health insurance Illinois residents are, imminently, entitled to.  Once insured, patients can then feel comfortable knowing the likes of CRRS will have their expert hands in radiology readings that may be needed, and covered, from time to time.


Ability To Buy Health Insurance


Employment is finally coming around for the Land of Lincoln, which opens the doors for employers to offer health insurance to their employees so they can cover their much needed medicines.  Although strides in Obama Care are still slow, buying individual health insurance policies through your place of work is still possible and, in fact, much more affordable than you think.  What stops many people from buying individual health insurance plans is the fact consumers lack the proper knowledge of their choices in plans, choice of networks like HMO or PPO, and having to wait for health examinations for various components like dental riders.   With a wealth of resources that allow all income levels to access health insurance for a low cost, the ability to buy health insurance has now become much easier than in years past.


Why Buying Individual Health Insurance Is Vital


Our society, especially over the last decade, is increasingly becoming unhealthy due to lack of proper dieting, numerous diseases that are running rampant, and heavy narcotic usage whether it be for legitimate or illegitimate reasons.  Having the proper amount of health insurance Illinois natives need to remain healthy is more vital now than ever and, considering it may soon be required, you may as well buy health insurance from some private company or request it with your employer as Illinois, the 6th largest state, has plenty of employment opportunities that include comprehensive health care in the compensation packages.  Taking advantage of all opportunities to cover yourself and your family through health insurance Illinois residents need is no longer difficult and is nearly a must-have to survive.


Where To Buy Health Insurance


Many places around the United States offer health insurance that employees and retirees can easily obtain through many different methods.  Most commonly, with the prevalence of internet usage today, folks are buying individual health insurance policies online, and many people can access health insurance quotes from their smartphones, too, as some companies have Android or iPhone applications that allow people to purchase or receive a free quote before they buy health insurance.  You could simply walk into an office locally and purchase health insurance for yourself or your family as well. In any case, the mere fact you’re buying individual health insurance Illinois companies offer is vital.


What To Look For Before You Buy Health Insurance


Buying individual health insurance policies is susceptible to the same scandalous behavior that any product or service could possibly be.  First and foremost, looking for a reputable company that offers great prices and is preferably local should be first on your repertoire when you’re in the market to buy health insurance services.  You should probably avoid companies that spend more to advertise their services than they do actually providing a great network of providers and overall health coverage.  Spending time performing due diligence would definitely behoove the future policy you receive and alleviate purchasing coverage that neither helps your cause nor comes from a reputable company.  In other words, buying individual health insurance policy should receive the same care and attention that buying food or a vehicle gets because the vitality is equal.


Beginning The Health Insurance Quest


The search for health insurance United States residents from Maine to California need can often times be menacing, frightful and perhaps even a bit stressful at times.  Keeping in mind that you need to stay healthy for your children’s sake should give you the power and courage that you need to get started immediately.  Buying individual health insurance or a family policy can be a rewarding experience if you’ve chosen a list of several companies and call their agents personally, one by one, and see exactly what you get with their quoted price.


You do not have to settle for health insurance that doesn’t fit your needs or budget as when you buy health insurance, you buy something that cares for your body, mind and allows you to get the medications that are necessary to rid your body of illnesses.  Overall, health insurance that consumers can purchase is definitely a worthwhile purchase to look towards making for yourself and loved ones.


5 Investments That Are Worth Accumulating a Little Debt For


Going into debt isn’t something that most people like to do. However, there may be times when going into debt is a good idea. If you are thinking about making money in the long-term, which investments are worth making even if the require some short-term debt?


Buying a Home

Most people have to take out a mortgage to be able to buy a home. The good news is that a home tends to appreciate in value at about 5 percent per year. Your home is also an asset that you can use to secure other loans in the future.


Going to College

A college education can cost tens of thousands of dollars. If you have a good plan for your first few years after school, you can pay off your student loans and start making a higher salary almost immediately upon graduating. The time and money invested in your education is almost always worth it. The debt you may have accumulated during the process is well worth the investment in yourself.


Starting Your Own Business

New businesses require a financial commitment from the person or people starting them. This is because banks won’t loan to new businesses. It can also be difficult to convince others to invest in a new company before it has a track record of sales and recurring customers. Fortunately, a successful business could be worth millions or even billions of dollars once it reaches maturity. That is not a bad return on an initial investment of as little as a few hundred dollars.

 Become Part Owner of a Sports Team

Professional sports are insanely popular around the world. Whether you buy an ownership stake in a local sports franchise or in Manchester United, you are bound to see a quick return on your money. As long as the team is a winning one, fans could spend as much as $100 per ticket to a home game.


Investing in Gold

Gold will hold its value during good economic times and trend upward during bad economic times. Therefore, you should consider going into a small debt to buy gold because it won’t become an albatross if you need to liquidate it at any point in the future.


As experts such as McLay a trustee in bankruptcy will tell you investments are not worth going broke over, but there are many investments that you can make that are worth the risk. If you don’t have a lot of money to invest right now, these five investments are the investments to make. You are almost guaranteed to make enough money to pay off the initial debt and turn a profit.


How To Complete A Successful Acquisition – The Basics


I previously worked for a company that was known as the vulture of the financial industry in the UK. Its growth was due to its acquisition of several closed book insurance businesses and it gained quite a reputation. Each one of these acquisitions was different. If you are going to dip your toes into this arena, it is one of the most important facts that you will need to accept. Once you know this then there are some standard rules that will help make any acquisition a success.


 Always Plan and Research:

The root of many failed acquisitions is a lack of effort and understanding in the planning stages. Acquisitions are more of an art form than a science. Success depends a lot on knowing and appreciating the financial and strategic goals that you are trying to achieve. Why are you looking to target a specific company? What benefits will a merger or acquisition bring either of you? It may be that the company which you wish to target is not actually for sale. You will need a good pitch to persuade the owner that it is in the interest of both companies to go ahead. Having a strategy is important. What are the objectives? How are you going to finance the deal? What are the criteria to evaluate? And what does your timetable look like? Before you do anything else, write an Acquisition Plan containing answers to these questions.


Get A Good Team Around You:

Any acquisition or merger is only as good as the people involved in it. Make sure that the team involved in it contains trusted people from Finance, Sales and Marketing and Operations. Also consider inviting advice from external sources which have professional skills that are relevant, such as Lawyers, Accountants and Investment Bankers. A good Investment Banker will provide a lot of valuable resources and have skills in valuation and negotiations which may be very useful to companies inexperienced in such things. You will find that some Investment Bankers also specialise in certain areas of industry and can provide special skills in such areas, for example Healthcare Investment Banking.


Get The Valuation Right:

This is always a difficult part of the process and requires a great deal of skill. Having people that are experienced in such matters is exceptionally important as it can be the downfall of many deals. In many ways the value of any business can be considered to be in the eye of the beholder. Dependent upon the ultimate goal of uniting the two companies a company may be of more value to one company than to another. Obviously the market value of any company comes into play. So too though must strategic value, and taking into consideration the proposed earnings under any new ownership is important.


There is a lot to consider when it comes to getting any acquisition right. There are numerous pitfalls and places where it may go wrong. Considering any of these upfront before you even start is always a good thing to do. It enables you to tackle problems head-on and hopefully leads to success.


Five Beginning Steps for Becoming Financially Organized


In today’s difficult economy, it’s more important than ever to be financially aware and get financially organized. This is especially important for young adults as they achieve financial independence – building good financial habits will pay off in the long run – but now is a good time for us all to take a look at ourselves and ask if we’re as financially organized as we should be. If you’re not sure where to start, here are five tips on how to get your finances in order.Five Begining Steps for Becoming Financialy Organized

1. Organize Your Records

If you don’t have online banking, then make sure you keep copies of the statements your bank sends you every month. Get a file folder for important financial documents and keep it somewhere safe. Every time you get a statement or a bill, keep it in that folder. That way you know exactly where it is and have easy access to it when you need it.

2. Organize Your Bills

Whenever a bill arrives in the mail, get out your personal monogram checks right away and get it ready to mail back. If you’re waiting to pay all your bills at the same time every month, that’s fine, but the more you can do ahead of time, the better. That way, when you are ready to send in your payment, all you have to do is drop the envelope in the mailbox.

3. Go Paperless If You Can

If you have online banking and bill pay, money management can be even simpler. Your records are all stored online, so you can access them easily, and you may even be able to pay your bills through automatic withdrawal. If you are not a naturally organized person, paperless money management can be a lifesaver.

4. Set Financial Goals

It’s a little easier to be organized about your finances when you have something you’re aiming toward. Are you saving up for a new car? A house? Trying to pay off college loans early? Make a list of your financial goals and then set aside some money to help achieve those goals with every paycheck.

5. Set Aside Time

Set aside a chunk of time every week for financial planning. During this time, you can go over your records and make sure everything is accurate, plan your budget for the upcoming week, or discuss financial goals with your spouse or partner. Having some time specifically dedicated to any necessary financial planning makes it easier to get it all done.