Seven Ways to Slash Air-Conditioning Costs

04 March 2014 | Uncategorized

7 Ways to Slash Air Conditioning CostsWhile it is nice to have an air conditioner in your house, it is wise to use it in a smart manner.

Not only that, you should try to minimize hot air from getting in your house in the first place.

With that being said, here are seven ways to slash air condition costs.

Hire a professional:

When looking to get your equipment in great shape, you should find a hvac company like Knight Plumbing, a quality hvac company in Calgary.

When retaining the services of a professional company, you can make sure it runs well and does not overuse energy.Simply put, when you want to have a great running air conditioner, you should call a professional.


With fans, you can avoid overusing your unit in the first place. Think about it, when the temperature hovers around 80 degrees, you can use a couple of well-placed fans to save money.

Make it dark:

In the day, if light permeates the place, you will have a hard time keeping it cool. To avoid this issue, you should cover the windows and not allow a bunch of sunlight to enter the rooms. Of course, once the evening sky sets in, you can remove the covers and let the cool air enter the house.

Use appliances wisely:

In the summer and hotter months, you should try to avoid overusing the stove and other appliances that will artificially heat the house. For this reason, in the summer, you should try to make simple meals not requiring an oven.

Open doors early in the morning:

If possible, a homeowner should open the doors at six in the morning. When doing so, he or she can let in cool and fresh air. This air will stay around all day and keep the house naturally cooler.

Dress wisely:

It is not wise to sit around in heavy clothes. In the summer, you should dress comfortably and opt for shorts and a t-shirt. Then, when lounging around the house, you will not feel obligated to blast the air conditioner.

Outdoor shade:

Over the long haul, you should think outside the box. One way to do so is to plant large shrubs or trees in front of windows. When doing so, you can prevent hot air from coming into the house. Remember, with this natural approach, you will cut your electricity bills.
It is not easy to use an air conditioner less. But, with these seven simple tips, you can cut your air conditioning costs in half, if not more.


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