The Best Alternative to Cable TV, and a Cheaper Option than Satellite TV

11 October 2011 | Uncategorized

What is the best alternative to cable tv and satellite television?  Cable television is a county sponsored monopoly almost everywhere you go.  Here is in Cook County, Illinois it is typical for customers to pay well over $100 sometimes close to $150 for cable and internet service bundled together.  The price would probably be forgivable if the service wasn’t so terrible as well.  If you Google “Comcast boycott” or “Comcast complaints” you will find numerous stories of Comcast stepping on the throats of their customers.  For instance, I had Comcast internet service and the line was cut by a Comcast contractor in order to install service for a neighbor.  The contractor blatantly knew he was taking one persons internet connection to install another.  When Comcast came to look at the  problem they were shocked and in their defense did want to fix it immediately.  They however still charged me a “trouble call” of $30 to show up for a problem they caused!  Once I got customer service to credit me for a month of free service and to credit the trouble call, I cancelled immediately, and made it clear I would never patronize them again.

What is the best alternative to Cable TV?  Simply get the best internet connection you can without patronizing your local cable company.  Then get a subscription to Hulu for $8 per month to have HD internet television.  After this is done you can buy adaptors that are similar to cable receivers for about $60 that allow Hulu to be watched on your TV without the use of a computer. The device I use is called a Roku box, but there are others.  It’s a small adjustment at first, but the commercials are short and you have absolute control of when a show starts and ends.  At $8 per month it an excellent way to boycott your cable company.  Then get a Netflix account as well for a mere $8 more.  Now you have a massive movie collection and most every show you would ever want to watch on cable.  You’ll have the satisfaction of finding a viable alternative to cable tv, and you’ll be able to boycott Comcast or whoever your local carrier is.  It’s also a cheaper option than satellite tv, which I have some grudges with as well.


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