The Best Window Treatments for French Doors

01 April 2013 | Uncategorized

When deciding on the perfect window treatments for your French doors, keep in mind that you’ll need to select a style that will allow easy access for entering and exiting the doorway. Also, consider how much privacy you’ll need and the location of the handles on the doors when selecting your window treatments for your French doors. Here are some creative window treatment ideas for French doors that will help you select the perfect style that would look best in your home.

Drapes and Curtains

If you choose drapes or curtains for your French door window treatments, you will have a variety of decorating options to choose from. Select floor-length curtains or drapes in a color or pattern that will complement your home decor. Install a curtain rod high enough above the doorway so that it doesn’t interfere with the opening and closing of your French doors. If you choose curtains slightly longer than floor length, you can let the curtains flow down past the doors into a puddle of fabric around the door for a dramatic look. During the day, tie back the curtains or drapes to allow sunlight to come through or to show off your beautiful French doors. Drop the curtains at night or any time of the day that you need some privacy.


Most blind styles would complement a French door. A vertical blind is the one style exception that wouldn’t be the best look for narrow French doors. Mini blinds would be an attractive window treatment choice for your doors because of the wide variety of style options and colors they come in. If you have wood French doors, wood blinds would look charming on the doors. Also, choose blinds that aren’t too deep. A blind that is approximately one inch deep would be perfect.


Shades for French doors come in a variety of styles including, roll shades, pleated shades and wood shades. The location of the French doors in your home will help guide you on choosing the perfect style. For example, don’t select sheer shades for French doors in a bedroom or outdoor space because of privacy issues. Pleated shades would be a great window treatment option for French doors in a bedroom. A standard shade that hangs close to the doors would be a good option for French doors located in any room. For added beauty and femininity, hang a decorative valance above the French doors.

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