The Donald Trump Scam: Why America Should Hate Donald Trump

04 April 2011 | Uncategorized


Donald Trump Roast

Go broke making Donald Trump rich

Donald Trump scam?  Donald Trump claims he is a billionaire and he wants you to be one too. I disagree with both of these statements. The first and least important part to note is that when assets are weighed against liabilities on many years you could make the argument that the Donald isn’t a billionaire. In fact as he so often likes to point out, at one point he owed creditors $9 billion. He also tries to play the victim by comparing his net worth to the homeless, saying they were worth $9 billion more than him. As a hardcore minimalist I really don’t think its so terrible that he isn’t a billionaire, but I do think its important to point out that he claims to be, and apparently also claims to be an expert on how to use money that isn’t his. The second part is where I really begin to hate Donald Trump or at least what he stands for. His empire seems to all be built on bad decisions or scams, whether it’s overpaying for his real estate, going to his bogus “university”, buying into his pyramid scheme “The Trump Network” or gambling at his casinos, accept it or not, Trump is a bottom-feeder. Don’t get me wrong I believe in people’s freedom to gamble, or pay too much for over-rated property, but Donald’s lack of objectivity in the ideas he endorses are just sick. He represents debt, materialism and poor financial decisions both in his own life and the ideas he pushes. This hypocrisy and lack of any integrity beyond what benefits him immediately makes him unbearable.


Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki, whom I’m also not fond of, wrote a book called, “Why We want You to Be Rich”. In it amongst a lot of questionable advice was the blatant endorsement of multi-level marketing also known as a pyramid scheme. In my more gullible days I read several of Donald’s books. In retrospect his advice is incredibly weak and was more about encouraging you to do things that benefit Donald and not what actually make yourself rich. Remember, Donald Trump doesn’t make his money off of you funding and IRA or owning a home free and clear. He profits when you gamble, quit your day job to torture your family pitching his nonsense “business opportunity” selling diet pills (ironic) and other heavily marked-up products, and hopefully someday purchase a condo in a Trump building that is massively over-priced even for its zip code. In a Machiavellian way this is truly brilliant. Flaunt wealth to the general public then tell them the way to obtain it is through means that allow you to become wealthier and more known despite the fact you never hawked diet pills or overpaid for your home.


For a man who claims in books and numerous public appearances that his name represents quality, he certainly owns an incredibly shoddy school that supposedly teaches “real estate secrets”. The Better Business Bureau of New York gave his school, Trump University, a D- rating. Most students complain that the seminars merely squeeze more money out of you each time claiming they will bring up some amazing secret at the next one. Many have stated that the one-year apprenticeship his school claims to offer is nothing more than a 3-day seminar to push even more money out of you. The internet is littered with complaints claiming people have lost $35,000 to $60,000 each on this con. It’s actually hard to find anyone who is defending this institution anywhere on the Internet.

I won’t burn many calories throwing “The Trump Network” under the bus. As Gordon Gecko would say, “it’s the same dog with different fleas”. The Trump Network scam hasn’t proliferated anywhere near as much as the Amway, Herbalife, Pre-Paid Legal’s and other pyramids before it, but it is just as bad if not worse. As usual with a Trump product it’s even more of a rip-off because Donald is just that classy. According to The Trump Network website, it cost $497 just to start schilling his garbage. Yes, not only does Donald have his own pyramid scam, but he’s going to charge you join, because after all, “It’s nothing personal, it’s business.” Of course when you’re trying to recruit your cousins into this great opportunity that your hero Donald told you would make you rich, it will certainly feel personal.Trump University

If it weren’t for the Donald Trump scams I could imagine admiring someone who has built so much. I certainly think highly of Richard Branson and have mostly positive feelings for Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Although, with Donald I just don’t see the benefit in his existence. If Donald were nothing more than a transparent narcissist who sold real estate at inflated prices and owned casino’s, he really wouldn’t be so bad. The problem is he presents himself as someone trying to help the common man get rich and who respects the hard work of the middle class. The people who have been thrown from their homes because Donnie’s political friends believe eminent domain applies to casino owners not willing to pay a dime more than property is worth, or those who have lost tens-of-thousands of dollars on real estate seminars, or even those who have put their faith into his MLM (pyramid scam) opportunity and found themselves more clueless about money might disagree. There are simple reasons other billionaires tend to hate Donald Trump, such as Richard Branson, and for those same reasons America should hate Donald Trump. He is an imperialist, an exploiter and all-around hack. How’s that for a roast?

Donald Trump Roast


6 Responses to “The Donald Trump Scam: Why America Should Hate Donald Trump”

  • 1 david hackert Says:

    Bravo, I will see him in court for a condo scam I was stupid enough to have faith in

  • 2 Eric Smith Says:

    Thank you, please link to this article wherever you can if you appreciate it.

  • 3 Sharmini Says:

    Trump is selling his real-estate investment seminar in Sydney Australia to gullible young ones. I do nit know how they are verbally guaranteeing doubling what you spend in 18 months. You would assume if they could do it why would they need to do seminars.

  • 4 Hank Stewart Says:

    Donald is a mean, stingy, power seeking snake. I did a couple of business transactions with him and honestly, he tried to screw us in every aspect. He dislikes humanity, he cares for one thing, that is success the wrong way.
    Oh one more thing, he is extremely racist! Somehow we managed to end our deal in profit as my company was stronger in both financial & reputation aspect than his. A small business would have fallen pray for sure.

  • 5 Edris Eoff Says:

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  • 6 Mack Cerami Says:

    Good stuff.

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