The Student Trap: Creating a Suitable Workspace without Spending Outside of your Means

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The time-bomb that is student debt has been ticking away steadily since the Great Recession; and this is a trend that has been carried on through a host of developed economies. According to the Telegraph, this could ultimately mean that two-thirds of students will fail to repay their taxpayer-funded loans during their lifetime. This not only offers an insight into the financial challenges facing students, but it also suggests that many will fail to make their mark on the employment market.

Need vs. Want- Knowing Your Necessities When Setting A Budget

How to Feng Shui your Workspace to get the Most from your Studies



With this in mind, there is a clear need for students to optimise their workspace and level of productivity without spending outside of their means. The use of feng shui may provide an ideal opportunity to achieve this, as it allows for the application of low-cost ideas, materials and methodology. Consider the following: -


  1. Ensure that your Desk is within Clear View of the Door


One of the fundamental principles of feng shui is that you should always position yourself in a way that enables you to keep your eye fixed on the nearest door. The benefit of this is considerable; as it helps you to remain focused on the task in hand and prevents you from becoming distracted by feelings of stress, uncertainty or anxiety. If the layout of your workspace does not allow you to face the nearest door, place a hand-held mirror on your desk and tilt it accordingly.


  1. Maintain a Clear and Clutter Free Workspace


On a more fundamental level, feng shui also dictates that you should maintain a clean and clutter-free workspace. The same principle can also be applied when designing the remainder of your home, as it lends itself to clearer thinking and more effective decision making. Not only is this exercise almost entirely cost free, but it can also be therapeutic and capable of refocusing your mind after a prolonged period of uninterrupted studying.


  1. Ensure that your Desk is not Placed Directly under a Beam


If your home was fabricated before the 1980’s, it is likely to feature a high number of ceiling beams. In this instance, you should strive where possible to ensure that your desk is not positioned directly beneath these, as this is considered to be oppressive and capable of disturbing even the most logical of thought processes. If this is unavoidable, commit to hanging a small bamboo wind chime from the beam as it will combat the negative effects of the overall structure.


While short-term loan companies such as Smart Pig offer students an opportunity to access low cost and low risk credit, it is important that you strive to minimise your expenditure where possible. This will help to regulate your debt levels and create a more solid financial foundation for your future.


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