Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance, Between Age 50-80? You Can’t be Declined!

Guaranteed issue life insurance does in fact exist.  There are one or two caveats to getting this coverage, which will be discussed on this page, but there is no bait-and-switch to this offer, You really can get up to $20,000 worth of life insurance with absolutely no exam, no medical questions and no underwriting of any kind, assuming you are a US resident between the ages of 50-80.

The coverage that is provided on a guaranteed issue basis is done so by utilizing a graded period.  The first two years of coverage are limited to premiums being returned should the death not be accidental, although if the death is accidental the full death benefit would be paid.  Once the insured has had this product for two years the death benefit becomes payable for any and all death.

The premium for this guaranteed issue life insurance never changes no matter how long the insured is alive for.   The entire process to apply involves filling out an application that consists of roughly 15 simple questions and submitting the first premium.  Coverage is generally issued and in force in about 1 to 2 weeks.  Once the policy arrives in the mail you will have the piece of mind of knowing that your guaranteed issue life insurance will be yours for as long as you live.

The rates for the most competitive guaranteed issue product can be seen below.  For more information on guaranteed issue life products or any other type of life insurance, call 888.374.2764.


guaranteed issue life insurance

These are the rates for permanent guaranteed issue life insurance. You can’t be turned down, and the rate never increases once your policy is issued.

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