Online Life Insurance Quote Provider Plans Chicago Guerrilla Marketing Stunt Involving a Panda

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March 13, 2012

For Immediate Release is an online life insurance quote provider which markets most term life insurance products, does so almost entirely online and provides one of the only instant life insurance quotes portals on the Internet today. is now planning a guerrilla marketing campaign which involves utilizing a jovial panda in downtown Chicago during rush hour. has begun planning how to utilize a mascot style panda suit with a sign to market their life insurance quote service to those in Chicago.  The service feels that not only will this create significant name recognition for their website which is based in Chicago, but also create  a pseudo-viral effect via pictures on Facebook of the panda mascot itself.  This use of a jolly mascot to promote online life insurance quotes has yet to be attempted by the website, nor have they engaged in any type of publicity stunt even remotely similar.  “Although I’ve never put money into an idea like this before, it’s really hard to imagine a scenario where this won’t be profitable.  The cost of paying someone to walk around in a panda costume and hold a sign for 25 hours a week seems to come with nearly no risk of loss.  If I can get one new client per week from doing consitent promotion of this type, then I am clearly profitable and as long as the idea is creating a measurable profit and expanding my brand name in a  way that is respectable enough to maintain the consumer’s standards while still being interesting enough to separate me from annoying State Farm commercials I will continue doing it perpetually”, said Eric Smith, the founder of

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