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Daily posts tell the search engines you actually maintain your site. Links from aged and established websites raise your website’s authority.

You want SEO from some of the best providers without an odious contract? I can make that happen.

Stop saying ‘I’m going to eventually start link building and creating a web presence’. The best time to start was years ago and one of the next best times is now. I have a proprietary arrangement where I can create exceptional unique content targeted towards your general niche and get actual SEO results.

Imagine actually having content that ranked in major search engines and having that consistently raise the authority of your main site. Now imagine this happening every day and for less than the cost of putting someone on the payroll at minimum wage. I’ve developed this service already…no need to throw your head at the wall trying to do the same.

As a business owner or marketer, you understand the importance of having a strong online presence. You know that link building and creating unique content are essential components of any successful SEO strategy. But perhaps you’ve been putting off these tasks because you don’t have the time, resources, or expertise to do them effectively.

That’s where our service comes in. We offer a proprietary arrangement that allows us to create exceptional, unique content that is specifically targeted towards your general niche. This content is designed to get actual SEO results, helping to raise the authority of your main site and improve your rankings in major search engines like Google.

Our service is designed to be both affordable and effective. We can create high-quality content for your site every day, for less than the cost of putting someone on the payroll at minimum wage. And because we have years of experience in the SEO industry, we know exactly what it takes to create content that will get results.

By working with us, you can finally stop saying “I’m going to eventually start link building and creating a web presence” and start taking action to improve your online visibility. Our service is designed to give you the results you need, without the headache and hassle of trying to do it all yourself.

So why wait? Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you create a strong and effective web presence that will help you achieve your business goals.

ERTC Program

The ERTC Program can in-fact be a benefit to your company, but it’s important to measure twice, cut once.

The Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC) is a refundable tax credit that can be claimed by businesses that kept their employees on payroll since 2020. The credit can be worth up to 70% of the first $10,000 of qualified wages paid per employee in each qualifying quarter.

The ERTC can be a valuable source of ‘free money’ but it’s only a viable plan if you know that you definitely are eligible and that your audit liabilities

One pitfall of not doing proper due diligence to ensure that the business is eligible for the credit. The ERTC program has a number of eligibility requirements, and businesses that do not meet all of the requirements may not be eligible for the credit. Many unscrupulous companies will simply tell you you’re eligible and aim to get you the funds…then later you pay the cost….you need a bulletproof legal plan to guarantee both your eligibility and the execution of said ERTC program execution.

Is cashing in on the ERTC program too good to be true? In some cases, yes…in many cases it’s a slam dunk…you need an objective arbiter to bring you to that conclusion.


There are several benefits to choosing a hosting plan that lasts a lifetime. Unlike with monthly or annual plans, you will only pay a single, lump-sum charge for hosting. In the long term, this will save you money because you won’t need to continue paying registration and hosting costs.

Pay once for hosting, a subdomain, and an alias email address

Second, because your website will be hosted on an established and long-lived domain, lifetime hosting is beneficial for search engine optimization. This increases your site’s trustworthiness and authority in the eyes of search engines, which in turn can improve your site’s ranks and exposure.

As a third benefit, lifetime hosting might assist bring in more visitors to your site. If your website is hosted on an established domain name, it will have a better chance of being found in search engines. Some lifetime hosting packages also include promotional materials that may be used to spread the word about your site and bring in additional customers.

Last but not least, with lifetime hosting, you’ll never have to worry about renewing your plan or losing track of your website. After you’ve paid for hosting, you won’t have to worry about renewal costs or your account being deleted. As a result, you can relax and concentrate on developing your online presence and administering your website.

Other Off-Site Tech Services

There’s also everything else. If you have a technical quandary, an ongoing issue with developing a process, or just need hosting or some other common tech service….contact me to see if I or one of my associates can show you the wheels-within-wheels of getting tech services without paying the absurd markup that many agencies collect off of small and medium-sized businesses who don’t know their options fully.

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